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The Grassimesse is an international forum and a trade fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical Grassimesse, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity”. Since being re-established in 1997, it has been held once each year on the last weekend of October. The organizer is the Grassi Museum for Applied Art Leipzig. The Grassimesse Forum and sales exhibition in equal measure, reflects the world of ideas and the variety of contemporary creative design, promotes developments and sharpens the awareness for design quality.

The tender is international. Selection for participation in the Grassimesse takes place by a jury of experts. Individual persons and groups (with max. 6 persons) can apply for it. In the event of group applications, the jury will decide on the individual, submitted works. Application takes place using the enclosed registration form and the submitted image material. It requires one photograph each of five pieces of work and one detail-screen, intended for exhibition at the fair. The work must not be older than two years and must be freely available for sale.

Date Grassimesse: 29.10. to 31.10.2010
buildup: 27.10.2010
Presentation of prizes: 28.10.2010
Application deadline: 9. April 2010