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Emotional Paper Jewels

Using a technique called “quilling” which consists of rolling up tiny strips of paper onto themselves and making small cylinders or cones or spindles. The quilling technique allows creating beads of paper very different from each other in form, shape and colour; therefore it offers endless solutions for the manufacture of the jewels themselves.

Apposite glue will penetrate into the paper to make it one, solid and impermeable item. Working with fine strips of rice paper, it is possible to create miniscule beads as hard as rock;

While rolling up a thin, corrugated cardboard produces big, thick and ragged beads, yet very light. Silk, cotton, wool and other fibres hold the beads together, creating unique necklaces all the time. Other elements that suit the type of paper used can be inserted too: glass beads, ceramics, wood and so on. In like manner, there can be metal clasps or covered and/or decorated cardboard.




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