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The story of Angela Simone is written on paper

I have always had a love for paper but have more recently discovered the pleasure of using it, whether precious or recycled, for making jewellry.

I love paper, its perfumes, its consistency. I love its soul, fragile and yet strong. My jewellery is by no means as delicate as it might seem.

In actual fact, working with glue and papers of different weights I am able to create tough beads which are also waterproof: wide or narrow, large or small, fat or slim, baroque o minimalist. Then, letting my imagination run free, I choose the string or thread to keep them together: from wool yarn or silk to rubber, tulle or hemp. I love experimenting with new materials because I am so interested to see what the beads will be like. With each type of paper I receive different sensations and therefore am inspired in a different way, all you have to do is listen.

For example when I use the "suminagashi" tecnique, I immagine incredibly light jewellery, as though the wave of ink that forms on the paper could float in the air; if I use "quilling"  (rolling the paper) I am able to tame even corrugated card with the help of gold or silver paints.

I believe that making paper jewellery is just a passing phase for me and that I am slowly moving towards a new stage where my work will be totally artistic.

I am also convinced that this artisan area stands between the mind and the heart. Paper and every other raw material worked on with the hands absorb in some way the state of mind and the emotions of the people that have touched them, even if it was only for an instant.

For this reason I have been holding seminars over the last few years in order to transmit what I have learnt so far about paper: sharing is the most important part of human relations, to give and to receive in a continual exchange.


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