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High Craftsmanship

Barcelona 28.29.30 September, 2023



CONTEMPORANIA is a new fair in the city of Barcelona, to promote high craftsmanship and excellency.
The innovation and artistic vision in contemporary craftsmanship will be presented through different types of applie
d arts such as ceramics, art jewelry, lacquer, metal, textiles, glass, paper and wood.

- - -

I feel honored to participate in this new and important  event. 

For the first time I am presenting my personal interpretation of this creative evolution in the world and in material.

A bold transition from paper to ceramics in which one blends with the other. In this age so confused, exposed and predisposed to uncertainty, to misperceptions; where artificial intelligence is confusing and merging reality is imagination, where we can no longer distinguish what is true and what is 'fake': here is my provocation playing with materials.
What is paper and what clay? What paperclay? 
What is solved and what is still evolving? 
A world of passages opens up.

Paper mixes with ceramic clay and becomes one.

A new mixture is born, a new element is createsi.

A veritable fusion of materials interpenetrates.

Angela Simone

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